How to hub


List your device or service

You can list your devices or services in the "My Hub" section. Or simply click here. It's completely free to list your devices or services on ToolHubs.


Accept orders

Other users can upload 3D model or look for other services listed by the hubs. Once a users decides to use your services, you have 24 hours to accept or decline.


Produce order & pick up

Now you can do the work. Print your parts, mill the metall, or do whatever your order is about. Once you are finished, let the maker pick up the product, or e-mail it, if it is something virtual like a 3D model.


Get paid

Let us know when you have completed your work. We will then hold the money and as soon as the maker told as that everything went fine with the order, we will send you the money. If the maker doesn't respond within 3 days, we will send you the money anyway. We keep a service fee percentage of 15 %.